Lost hotels in Odessa

Lost hotels in Odessa

Immediately after the founding of our wonderful hero city of Odessa, there was a need to accommodate arriving for various reasons, military and civilians. It should be noted that before the opening of the first hotels in Odessa, in the modern sense of the word, guests of the city rented houses or apartments in tenement houses. Less affluent - booked rooms in the Guest House, or rented rooms at restaurants. A lot of time has passed since then, everything has changed and, in a sense, forgotten, there are a lot of new hotels within the old "first" hotels in the city and sometimes, even without realizing it, we find ourselves in a building where once was the first hotel. History shows ...


Hotel Du Nord

Around 1825, several hotels were opened in the center of Odessa. One of the first hotels in Odessa was located on the current Pushkinskaya Street, 13, where a monument to Alexander Sergeevich is now installed. At this address, the famous poet stayed at the Hotel Du Nord, which housed Charles Sicard, a French emigrant from Marseilles. The successful businessman, whose merchant's house operated hundreds of thousands of rubles of trade turnover, one of the richest merchants of his time, was one of the pioneers of the hotel business in the heart of Odessa.

Now a museum named after Alexander Pushkin is open in the hotel building.


Hotel "Petersburg"


One of the best hotels in Odessa was the hotel "Petersburg", opened in 1832 in the left semicircular building on Primorsky Boulevard. The hotel had 60 comfortable rooms, costing from 1 year 50 kopecks. up to 25 rubles day. The hotel has existed for 100 years and has seen many famous guests: here stayed the writer Vissarion Belinsky, composer Ferenc Liszt, Mark Twain and other celebrities.


Hotel "European"


At the corner of Pushkinskaya and Deribasovskaya you can see a beautiful three-story building, buildings 1835 The building is known as the "house of Gregory Marazli". Later, the hotel "European" was located here. In the sources of the 1880's it is a "first-class hotel", "very comfortable and large". A guide to Odessa (1915) describes it succinctly and simply: "One of the oldest hotels. More than 60 rooms, priced from 1 to 15 rubles per day. A beautiful restaurant with a summer veranda."

Now in the hotel building residential apartments and commercial premises.


Hotel "France"


Hotel "France" was once, on Deribasovskaya, 31 (corner of Vice Admiral Zhukov) In 1882 was described as a "large and inexpensive hotel with a good restaurant" 1st and 2nd class.

Now in the hotel building residential apartments and commercial premises.



Hotel "Great Moscow"


The luxury hotel "Great Moscow" was built in 1901-1904 by architect Lev Vlodek. The sophistication of the stucco was created by sculptors Tovi Fischel and S. Milman. The hotel was located in the heart of Odessa and belonged to the category of first-class, but not the most expensive, prices were relatively affordable - from 1-1.5 rubles per room per night. Some residents of Odessa preferred to stay in a hotel and rent an apartment in an apartment building. On the ground floor there were trade representations: a tea shop, a lamp shop, a haberdashery shop. There was also a "Tatar" restaurant.

The text of the advertising prospectus of 1907 reads: "Luxurious, comfortable, accessible in Odessa hotel" Great Moscow ", Deribasovskaya Street, opposite the City Garden, overlooking the sea. The hotel is located in the best central and commercial part of the city, near all theaters, boulevards, sea bathing, post office, telegraph, administrative and government agencies. With the best "Tatar" restaurant. Luxuriously furnished rooms from 1 ruble. Baths. Electric lighting. Steam heating. Lifting machine "

Hotel "Imperial" ("Spartacus")


Hotel "Imperial", built in 1875 by architect F.V. Gonsiorovsky was located in the heart of Odessa, at Deribasovskaya, 25. Later, in Soviet times, it was renamed "Spartak" and lasted until 2008, until demolished by a new developer.

Here is how the Imperial Hotel was described in a brochure: "all rooms are bright, high, comfortable, new mattresses, new linen, impeccable cleanliness and order. Recommended for families and businessmen. The hotel has a bathroom with various devices."

In conclusion, it should be noted that times are changing, the hospitality industry is being transformed to meet the modern needs of city guests, improving the range of services and the number of accommodations. Sometimes, it is quite difficult for the guests of our city to decide on the place of residence, due to the large number of options. And only real, loyal investigators of their skill and their work, remain in the memory. Our task is to remember and honor the history of the city, keeping in our hearts a sincere love for the city, "..which I see in a dream ..."