Hotel services information


Alarm Clock - in every room there is a clock with an alarm clock. You can order a "wake-up call" at reception desk and we will call you at specified time.

ATM - unfortunately, there is no ATM at the hotel. But we will be happy to tell you where the nearest ATMs are located.

Air conditioning - the hotel has a central air-conditioning system. Individual control panel and detailed instructions are located on the wall in your room. In case of a malfunction, please contact the reception. 


Business center - free mini business center (computer, printer, telephone) is located on the ground floor of our hotel.

Breakfast - there are two options for breakfast in our hotel. You can order a continental breakfast that will be delivered to your room. You can do this by filling in a special breakfast form. Continental breakfast is served from 07:30 till 10:00. Upon guest’s request, instead of breakfast in the room, coupon to our restaurants can be provided. When ordering in a restaurant, please provide a coupon to the waiter so that the amount written on coupon is deducted from your account. Please note that at the restaurant there can be a waiting time of approximately 20-25 minutes. If your time is limited, we recommend having continental breakfast delivered to the room.



Reception desk – please dial “0”;

Local calls – please dial “9” + the phone number;

International calls– please dial “9” + “00” + country code + the phone number.


Excursions - for organizing excursions, please contact the reception and we will be happy to help you. 


First-aid kit - we have the necessary medications in the medicine cabinet to provide first aid.


Hygienic items - if you forget any hygiene items, we will be happy to provide them free of charge.


Information services - on any question you are interested in, please contact the reception. We will be happy to help you!

Internet - Free internet is available throughout the entire hotel. If you have any problems with the connection, please contact the reception.

Internet TV - the hotel has Internet TV. Detailed instructions you will find in your room.

Ironing board and iron - please contact reception and we will bring you an iron and an ironing board within minutes. 


Laundry - laundry and dry cleaning. In case of an express order for laundry / ironing (execution on the same day) an additional 50% of the base tariff is charged.


Map of the city - if you need a map of the city we will be happy to provide it. You can also find useful information about museums and sights of Odessa on it.



-        smoking anywhere in the hotel

-        to bring to the hotel stabbing, flammable, explosive, poisonous, toxic and malodorous substances and objects

-        to carry and store products with a specific and strong odor

-        to host friends and acquaintances in your room without permission of the hotel and no surcharge for accommodation

-        to use electric kettles and other electrical appliances

-        to make noise and break the peace and relaxation of other guests

-        accommodation with the animals. 


Room service - delivery of pizza, breakfast, lunch and dinner in the room. Choose available dishes from special menu. The time of delivery is 30-40 minutes. "Sandwich of the day" is available all day long.

Rent a bicycle – you can easily rent bicycles for healthy city trips.

For more information, please contact the hotel reception.

Rent a conference hall - The premise of our conference hall has an area of 40 sq.m. and is equipped with all necessary professional equipment, comfortable furniture and the possibility of accommodating up to 40 guests in theatrical seating.

Rent a car - for ordering this service, please contact the reception.


Taxi - to order a taxi, we recommend to use the Uber App or contact the reception and we will be happy to help you. Popular taxi services:

Taxi "Joker" +380938101616

Taxi "Udacha" +380637331515

Taxi "Forsage" +380 (482) 333222

Taxi "Bond" +38 (048) 7007007

Transfer - For your convenience, we can arrange for you a transfer from the airport to the hotel. The taxi driver will wait for you with AYVAZOVSKY sign in the arrival hall even if your flight is delayed.


Umbrella - in case of bad weather, please do not forget to take an umbrella at the reception desk.

Attractions within walking distance to the Aivazovsky hotel:

Odessa State Philharmonic Society (New Exchange) is one of the largest concert organizations in Odessa, founded in 1946.

The Philharmonic building, built in 1899, was originally intended for exchange trading, and therefore the New Merchant Exchange was located in it, which was erected to replace the Old Exchange, which is on Primorsky Boulevard. This need was caused by the increase in grain exports through the city's port, the appearance of a railway in it and, accordingly, the growth of trade transactions. In Soviet times, when planned trade replaced the stock exchange, the building changed its purpose: for many years various public and state organizations were located here, plenary sessions were held, literary evenings were organized.
The original appearance of the building has remained practically unchanged to this day. The authorship of the initial project of its construction belonged to the architect V.I. Prokhaski from Vienna, whose sketch turned out to be the best of thirty proposed for the world competition. The project was redesigned by the chief city architect Bernardation, who subsequently invested all his knowledge and experience in its construction, which lasted about 5 years.
Ayvazovsky Hotel is a 1-minute walk from this attraction.

Primorsky Boulevard

A famous landmark in the center of Odessa is Primorsky Boulevard (until 1919 - Nikolaevsky Boulevard, located on the edge of the city plateau, starting from Dumskaya Square and ending at the Vorontsov Palace. The boulevard is one of the best urban planning ensembles of classicism architecture in Ukraine, successfully communicates the central part city with the sea and is the front facade at the entrance to Odessa from the sea.
Aivazovsky Hotel is a 5-minute walk from Primorsky Boulevard


Derybasovskaya - one of the central streets of the city of Odessa, is one of the main attractions of the city.
The street got its name in honor of the founder of Odessa and the first mayor, Jose de Ribas, who lived on this street.
Now Deribasovskaya is not only a street, it is a kind of mecca for tourists, many excursions around the center of Odessa begin with it.
There are many cafes and restaurants, hotels and shops on the street.
Ayvazovsky Hotel is located in close proximity to Deribasovskaya, a 5-minute walk

Shevchenko park

The history of the park. Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko begins in the second half of the 19th century.
Originally on this place in Odessa there was a small frontier fortress, built in 1795. Later, the fortress was abolished, and the territory with all the buildings was transferred to Quarantine. This was the name of the part of the Odessa port responsible for the sanitary safety of arriving ships. A prison, quarantine facilities, and a cemetery for those who died from diseases worked here. A powder tower and a fortress arcade have survived to this day.
At present, the park is a favorite place for Odessa residents and guests of the city, walking through the park you can reach the Lanzheron embankment, one of the oldest beaches in Odessa.
Shevchenko Park is a 10-minute walk from the Ayvazovsky hotel.