Сalendar of events

1 Apr Humorina City venues


10 Apr Brass Orchestra Festival Dumskaya Square


10 Apr —  15 Apr International tourism week in Odessa

Local areas of the city

12 Apr —  15 Apr 17th Odessa Fashion Day

Kadorr City Mall

12 Apr Conference International Tourism Collaboration and Partnerships

Hotel "Bristol"

Pushkinskaya str., 15


13 Apr Gastronomic Day «Kitchen of the Black Sea»


14 Apr Utesov Festival

The celebration is dedicated to the birthday of the famous pop artist, singer, actor in Odessa - Leonid Utesov.

20 Apr —  21 Apr 1 Stage of the Championship of Ukraine in cycling in the discipline of CSE and HSE

Bicycle and motorcycle Extreme park "Shkodova gora"

22 Apr —  23 Apr 24th International Festival of Contemporary Art Philharmonic Hall


23 Apr Bookfest

City Garden

25 Apr —  29 Apr International Festival Odessa Photo Days

Odessa - different locations - galleries, art spaces, public spaces

30 Apr Concert «Global Jazz Day UNESCO» in Odessa «JAZZ AND CLASSICS»